AC 1900 DUAL BAND GIGABIT ROUTER Tplink Archer C9 is a dual band gigabit router which supports AC standard with 3 antennas and beam forming technology powered with 1 GHZ dual core processor.

Tplink archer ac1900 set up:

  • Step1: Connect a cable from modem to internet port on the Tplink archer c9 router
  • Step2: Connect a Cable to your laptop or PC from the Ethernet Slot number 1 of TP Link AC1900.
  • Step3: Turn off the modem & Router for 2 minutes and also remove the battery from the modem. After 2 Minutes turn on modem first and wait for the lights on modem. Once all the lights gets ON then turn ON the Tplink archer c9
  • Step4: Launch a web browser and type or on address bar to access Tplink archer c9 login page. Alternatively you can use the default ip address
  • Step5: A login window will appear, type username as admin & password as password to login your account. User can also create new login credentials of your own choice.
  • Step6: Click on Quick set up menu Tplink archer c9 >> Select your time zone
  • Step7: Select your internet connection type static, dynamic, pppoe and L2tP as per your internet service provider.
  • Step8: You can either change or select the same wireless network name (ssid) and wifi passphrase as written on Tplink archer c9 label
  • Step9: User can also download the tether application on their mobile device to access wireless settings for Tplink Archer C9.

Tplink Archer C9 Features :

  • Beamforming Technology.
  • Greater coverage area & reliability.
  • 2.0 & 3.0 USB Ports for easy sharing.
  • Tplink Archer C9 supports ipv6.
  • Easy parental control setup.
  • Fast speed for gaming QOS set up.
  • Firewall security & MAC address setup.
  • Tether mobile application for monitoring wifi status.